A wedding toast from ‘Richard’ in Ricky D’Ambrose’s THE CATHEDRAL (2022)

Last November, I was pleased to learn my portrayal of Richard in indie auteur Ricky D’Ambrose’s ambitious film THE CATHEDRAL (2022) had earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Performance. I was at the 38th Indie Spirit Awards ceremony on March 4, 2023,  in Santa Monica, and it was exciting when THE CATHEDRAL won the John Cassavetes Award, given to the best feature made for under $1,000,000. Writer/director Ricky D’Ambrose and producer Graham Swo accepted the award.

Here’s the opening passage from an interview with me by journalist Joey Moser about THE CATHEDRAL and the part of Richard.

“Ricky D’Ambrose’s The Cathedral is an observant, broken photo album of a film. If you ever had a close relationship with your father, you might think of him as you watch Brian d’Arcy James’ skilled and layered performance as Richard, a man desperate to keep his head above water in terms of how we measure success. The Tony Award nominee paints the complex portrait of someone who cannot keep up with the expectations of a fast-paced, financially successful society, but instead of making him pathetic, he makes his character relatable. d’Arcy James has been nominated for an Indie Spirit Award for Best Supporting Performance, and a win would be huge for a film of this scale.”

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